Fire Marshal

The West Columbia Fire Marshal is responsible for the prevention of fires (through inspections), and the investigation of fires that cause property loss or damage within the city limits. The Fire Marshal has the authority to stop or discontinue any event that exhibits overcrowding, obstructions in aisles, passageways or any other means of egress, or upon finding any condition which constitutes a life-threatening situation until the condition is corrected. The Fire Marshal also has the authority to seize and confiscate fireworks.

Below is a partial list of the most common inspections required by the Fire Marshal's office:

  • Amusement buildings
  • Carnivals and fairs
  • In covered mall buildings, including:
    • The placement of retail fixtures and displays
    • Concession equipment
    • Displays of highly Combustible goods and similar items in the mall
  • Cutting or welding operations within the city
  • Day Care centers
  • Exhibits and trade shows
  • Floor finishing projects based on area nd amount of product used
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Fumigation and thermal insecticidal fogging
  • Gaming rooms or facilities with gaming machines
  • Hazardous materials
  • High piles of storage exceeding 500 square feet
  • Hot work operations (open flame)
  • Industrial ovens
  • Lumber yards storing in excess of 100,000 board feet
  • Open flames and candles in assemblies, dining areas of restaurants or drinking establishments
  • Places of assembly
  • Pyrotechnic special effects materials
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Repair garages and motor fuel dispensing facilities
  • Storage of scrap tires and tire byproducts
  • Temporary membrane structures, tents and canopies exceeding 200 square feet
  • Waste handling operations
  • Wood products such as scrap or wood chips in excess of 200 cubic feet