Fines, Court Costs, and Appeals


The maximum fine for most traffic violations is $200 and for state law violations is $500. The assessed fine is determined by the facts and circumstances of the case. If you are found Not Guilty, a fine will not be assessed.

Court Costs

Courts are required by the laws of the State of Texas to collect court costs and fees. Court costs are assessed if you are found guilty, plead no contest or guilty, if your case is deferred for a Texas Driving Safety course or if your case is set on a Deferred Disposition. If you are found not guilty, court costs will not be assessed.


You have the right to appeal your case to a higher court if you are found guilty at trial. If you do not request a trial, you may enter a plea of no contest and file your appeal bond. You must file an appeal bond with the West Columbia Municipal Court within 10 days of the judgment.