Payment Options

Due Date

Fines are due in full on the day of sentencing or on or before the court date listed at the bottom of the citation.

Types of Payment

We accept cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, MasterCard, and Visa. Citations may also be paid online.

Payment Methods

*** NOTE: Violators 16 years of age or younger may not make a payment or request a payment agreement without making an appearance in court accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Pay by mail - You can mail in your payment to:
West Columbia Municipal Court
P.O. Box 487
West Columbia, TX 77486

Pay via Dropbox - You can pay after hours or on weekends, with a money order or cashier’s check, by dropping the payment in the black drop box located to the right of the City Hall building door.

Pay by phone - You can pay by credit/debit card (MasterCard or Visa) by calling 979-345-4832.