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Activity: Discover your Creativity; Let the Discovery Garden Inspire you to Write
Let your Imagination Soar, then Settle on Paper with a Creative Writing Project
Taking pictures of lantana blossoms
This photographer uses a disc to reflect light onto the plant.

Nature Turns on the Imagination

The beauty of nature often tends to make us imagine things we want to enjoy, activities we would like to do. Once the creativity begins, we imagine even more ideas, scenes, actions and interactions. Use this creativity to write an essay, a description, a story, or even a poem.

A flower garden is designed to be beautiful. The Discovery Garden, with its colorful flowers, berries and leaves should please all year round. At least some of the plants will be in bloom from early spring through early fall. During the fall and winter months, colorful leaves and berries should please the senses. Let this beauty inspire you to write.

The Discovery Garden is a butterfly garden. Its blossoms and healthy stems and leaves should attract butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, bumblebees and other pollinators. Watching the activities of animals in the garden should provide more ideas to write about.

 {CAUTION: Always watch out for wasps, bees and snakes!}

Write Anything

TRY IT.  Bring a notebook and pencil or pen to the Discovery Garden, and put your ideas on paper. Write an essay, a description, an action scene, a story, or even a poem. Or just list your ideas to be taken home and worked on later. It doesn't matter if what you write is not grammatically correct. Just get your ideas down on paper. You can change things around, finish sentences, and punctuate where needed later when you rewrite your paper.

THAT'S RIGHT. Like all writers and authors, you should plan to rewrite your work later. You might even turn your scribblings into several papers, stories, narratives, essays or poems. You might even have statements that you will decide not to use in the finished paper. You get to judge what is good, what to add, what to leave out. It is YOUR creation, written in YOUR voice.

Go on a Photo Safari

Take a camera along on your visit to the Discovery Garden. Take photos of beautiful flowers with the sweeping clouds above. Take pictures of the butterflies. Take pictures of friends and family surrounded by plants. Take pictures of whatever strikes your fancy. Enhance your writing with a picture or two. Enhance your pictures with a creatively written caption.

Write a Poem

Nature inspires many a poet with its beauty.  This activity will help you write a poem of traditional rhyme and rhythm.

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