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Activity: What is a Pollinator Garden?
Discovery Garden
The Discovery Garden in West Columbia, TX, just weeks after it was planted

Use the Pollinator Garden Checklist.
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A Pollinator Garden Checklist

___1. Has native plants.                     
___2. Has flowers of different colors.        
___3. Has plants that bloom at different times. 
___4. Has nearby areas for pollinators to rest.

How do you know if a garden is a pollinator garden? Use this checklist to decide.

Do you think the Discovery Garden in West Columbia, TX, is a pollinator garden?

What are Pollinators?
These animals are crawling all over these flowers.

What do hummingbirds, bumblebees, and butterflies have in common with bats?

Can you name some characteristics that pollinators have in common?
All of the animals above are pollinators. Do you know why? Which characteristics in the list below are common to pollinators? What can be a natural pollinator? Take the Pollinator Quiz.

The Pollinator Quiz

Choose the characteristics that pollinators have in common.

  1. ___They nest in a flowering plant.
  2. ___They eat the nectar of flowers.
  3. ___They carry pollen from one flower to another. 
  4. ___They eat small bugs on flowering plants.

What kind of animal would not be a pollinator?

  1. ___A mammal.
  2. ___A fish.
  3. ___A bird.
  4. ___An insect.

Sometimes nature pollinates flowers without the help of animals. What other method might Mother Nature use?

  1. ___Wind
  2. ___Rain
  3. ___Heat
  4. ___Clouds

The milkweed plant is only pollinated by what animal?

  1. ___The iguana lizard
  2. ___The Monarch butterfly
  3. ___The bumblebee
  4. ___The catfish

Wasps and bees

  1. ___should always be killed because they are pests that sting.
  2. ___are important pollinators of many fruits and vegetables.
  3. ___are not threatened by pesticides.
  4. ___have no place in a garden, especially a pollinator garden.

How well did you do?

Can you look up pollinators and find the answer to the questions that you do not know? Try this site: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Pollinators.

There are other sites to research in the Discovery Garden Resources.

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