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New Applicant Form

  1. You should respond completely to the information requested n this section and attempt to cover all the requirements listed in the job announcements. LIST YOUR MOST RECENT EMPLOYMENT FIRST. Describe different positions held with the same employer in different blocks, showing dates, etc. List all experiences, paid and voluntary, related to the position for which you are applying. Additional sheets should be attached to this application when necessary to fully describe related experience, training and education. DO NOT ENTER "SEE RESUME"

  2. Use this space to provide additional information as required by this application. Attach additional sheets if necessary.

  3. Answer this section truthfully, including both minor and serious offenses of which you were convicted. ANY OMISSIONS ARE GROUNDS FOR REJECTION OF THE APPLICATION, REMOVAL OF NAME FROM THE ELIGIBILITY LIST OR DISMISSAL FROM POSITIION.

    If yes, provide the information requested below for each conviction. Be specific, give name of the offense, not simply misdemeanor or felony. DO NOT LIST ARRESTS - ONLY CONVICTIONS.

  4. Leave This Blank:

  5. This field is not part of the form submission.

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